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Release your limiting beliefs and their hurtful effects on your life. Instantly change distressing and hurtful thoughts. Experience a healthy, disease-free body, supportive relationships and financial abundance. If you have a razor focus goal, easily manage your thoughts to achieve success. Maritza Rodriguez Theta Healing is a powerful and gentle healing technique that can help you live a miraculous life.

The best part is that this amazing work is done in the comfort of your own home and secure surroundings!

Pain and illness can be healed through the use of Theta Healing. Feel whole and enjoy life to your fullest.

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Achieve a greater level of health and well-being
Heal physical conditions and dis-ease
Relieve and eliminate pain
Resolve traumas and emotional issues
Release fears and phobias
Free yourself from habits and addictions
Create wealth and abundance


Through Theta Healing, you can remove beliefs that have been obstacles in your life and effortlessly replace them with invigorating and loving beliefs.​

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Power of Theta Healing

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Maritza Rodriguez Theta Healing

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